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GPI G2 Industrial Flow Meters

If you cannot find the part number in the documentation please provide detail. Specific to this item, it could include part number or application detail, (ex. 20 meters of cable, or 20 litres of volume)

The unique modular approach of the Industrial Grade Meter line allows you to design a meter to match your specific application. Turbine choice depends on flow rate, line size, pressure rating, fitting type, chemical compatibility and temperature range. When choosing a G2 Series Meter, select from our wide variety of materials and sizes. These meters offer high accuracy at a lower cost, are compact and include a self-contained design. G2 Series Meters are field serviceable.

GPI G2 Industrial Flow Meters measure flow in 1/2" to 2" pipes and tubes

Ordering Information:

G2 Industrial Meters - Stainless Steel
The GPI Stainless Steel Meter line has a proven track record in the industrial market. GPI Stainless Steel Meters are rugged and dependable. Use stainless steel meters for most chemicals: Ammonium, Plating Solutions and Fuel products. Available in 1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch 1-1/2 inch 2 inch

G2 Industrial Meters - High Pressure
This is the turbine meter of choice for high pressure applications like spray washers and hydraulic systems. PSIG for the GPI High Pressure Meter is 3,000 compared to 1,500 for the standard stainless steel meter. This proven meter can perform in all kinds of high pressure applications. Available in 1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch 1-1/2 inch 2 inch

G2 Industrial Meters - ANSI Flange
Select stainless steel meters with 150# ANSI Flanges when you need a meter that installs in-line quickly. Flange Meters are easily installed and removed with four bolts. Combine with GPI’s Computer Electronics for a complete, accurate, metering system. Available in 1 inch 1-1/2 inch 2 inch

G2 Industrial Meters - Tri-Clover®
The GPI Stainless Steel Meters with Tri-Clover® fittings can be used with food and beverage industries in pre-process applications. Built of stainless steel construction, these meters come in five sizes to fit most every application. Available in 1/2 inch Meter with 3/4 inch Fitting 3/4 inch Meter with 1 inch Fitting 1 inch Meter with 1-1/2 inch Fitting 1-1/2 inch Meter with 2 inch Fitting 2 inch Meter with 2-1/2 inch Fitting

G2 Industrial Meters – Aluminum
GPI offers a full line of Industrial Meters in a variety of housing materials. Aluminum meters are best suited for petroleum based products. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility in meeting custom applications. Models are available with ISO or NPT fittings. Available in 1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch 1-1/2 inch 2 inch

G2 Industrial Meters – Brass
The G2 Industrial Brass Meter allows another choice for fluid compatibility. The GPI Brass Meter works well with most water applications. Use with glucose, lacquer thinners and vegetable juices for example. Available in 1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch 1-1/2 inch 2 inch

G2 Industrial Meters – PVDF
Looking for a turbine meter that can handle aggressive chemicals? Look at the PVDF Meter for a housing material that resists abrasion and has great chemical compatibility. Use PVDF Meters with harsh chemicals: Bleach, Ferric Chloride, Phenol, Sulfuric Acid or Phosphoric Acid. Available in 1/2 inch 1 inch

GPI Flow Meters are available in many formats for your application. Please download and read the attached documentation in order to determine the best flow meter for your application. Reference material is attached about chemical compatibilities.