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Vibrating Wire Crackmeter

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The Vibrating Wire Crackmeter consists of a telescoping sensor body incorporating a sprung tensioned Vibrating Wire element. Each end of the telescoping body is anchored either side of the crack to be monitored. A change in distance between the anchors, by the crack opening or closing, will cause the connecting rod to move within the transducer body, changing the tension on the spring and thus altering the resonant frequency of the wire.

The Vibrating Wire Crackmeter provides accurate measurement of crack propagation for structural or geotechnical monitoring.

The itmsoil Vibrating Wire Crackmeter is designed to measure displacements across cracks and joints in buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines etc. It can measure in expansion and compression of joints. The sensor is made from high quality stainless steel, incorporates O-rings to allow for underwater use and is designed for long-term reliable monitoring. The sensor incorporates an over-voltage surge arrestor that protects against electrical damage. Fitted across a crack or joint, it monitors displacement by detecting a change in tension in the vibrating wire inside the sensor.

Product Features:

• Uses proven Vibrating Wire technology
• Suitable for long-term monitoring
• Suitable for manual or remote monitoring
• Fully waterproof
• Fitted with thermistor for temperature monitoring

Ordering Information:

Vibrating Wire Crackmeters
Armoured cable can only be fitted on site with joint sealing kit CA-4.1
J2-1-30 30mm range
J2-1-50 50mm range
J2-1-100 100mm range
J2-1-30-T 30mm range with thermistor
J2-1-50-T 50mm range with thermistor
J2-1-100-T 100mm range with thermistor

Mounted Anchors
J2-2.1 Groutable anchor; priced each, 2No. required per crackmeter
J2-2.2 Expanding shell anchor; priced each, 2No. required per crackmeter

Installation Equipment
W6-4.4 Polyester resin cartridge; 150ml to fix groutable anchor into drill hole
W6-5.5 Cartridge injection tool

Connecting Cable and Fittings
CA-3.1-4-IC Instrument cable; 4 core, 7/0.20, screened, priced per metre, polyurethane jacket
CA-4.1 Joint sealing kit
CA-4.2 Coloured adhesive tapes; set of 10No.
CA-4.3 Crimping tool
CA-4.4 Crimping sleeves; set of 100No.
W6-6.1 Nylon ties; 50mm x 3.5mm. Pack of 100No.
ST1-3.5 Nylon ties; 370mm x 4.7mm. Pack of 100No.

MAN-117 Vibrating Wire Crackmeter