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Mini SS Bladder Pumps

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A small as 1/2" - perfect for low flow ground water purging and sampling

The MBP pumps consist of:

• Stainless steel (SS) outer body
• Teflon bladder
• ½, ¾, diameter

The pneumatic Mini Bladder Pumps are designed to obtain a representative ground water sample with the assistance of a controller to provide variable flow rates. The controller allows the user to match the pumping rate to the well recharge rate, limiting the stress on the formation. With the small volume per cycle, the fluid velocity at the pump inlet is substantially reduced, making the pumps ideal for low flow sampling. The high efficiency design enables pump rates from 5 mL to nearly 2 L/min when used with one of our Precision Dual Range Controllers

Tech Tip: The amount of pump submergence will affect the pump flow rate.

The bottom inlet of the pump is positioned at the desired sampling point, generally at the mid section of the well screen. The inner Teflon® bladder will fill with fluid based on the submergence of the pump. The annular space is pressurised using the controller and the liquid is gently lifted to surface. All pumps can be supplied contaminant free.

Tech Tip: In portable applications, the pump is easily decontaminated by submersing it in a cleaning solution such as Alconox®. Then the pump is cycled to circulate the solution through the internal components. This method avoids the need to replace bladders after each use.

Dedicated assemblies can be supplied to reduce cross contamination, well disturbance and facilitate installation. The pump, tubing and well cap assemblies are plastic bagged and each assembly is identified with your well ID number and the well depth.

Dedicated Bladder Pumps
Dedicated applications where the pump and tubing are permanently installed in the well may greatly reduce sampling costs and improve sample quality. This method reduces the mixing of the water column during installation of the pump that occurs in portable use. Normally this will reduce the stabilisation time during low flow sampling. In the dedicated scenario the pump and tubing are connected at the surface to the locking well cap. The field technician will simply connect the air supply and discharge tubing to the bulkhead fitting suspended below the locking well cap and begin to sample.

A controller and an air source is required to operate the PVC Mini Bladder pump. We offer many models of Bladder Pump Controllers.

Ordering Information:
TR-042 MBP Bladder Pump, 1/2" x 18"
TR-037 MBP Bladder Pump, 3/4" x 18"
TR-035 MBP Bladder Pump, 1" x 18"