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Solinst Integra Bladder Pump

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The Solinst Integra Bladder Pump allows consistent, high quality samples in all types of applications. It offers excellent performance and reliability. It is designed to meet the most rigorous US EPA standards for groundwater monitoring. The Teflon bladder ensures that drive air or gas does not contact the sample, thus avoiding degassing or contamination of the sample. Integra Pumps are rugged and long lasting. The Teflon bladder has a 10 year warranty. Both bladders and intake filters are easily replaced in the field in just a few minutes. Solinst offers 1.66" diameter (42mm) Integra Pumps in 316 stainless steel or PVC, in 2ft. and 4ft. lengths (610mm and 1220mm). Stainless steel Integra pumps are ideal for low flow sampling or regular flow sampling from lift depths up to 500 ft. (150m) below grade. The 1.66" PVC Integra operates up to 100 ft. (30m) below grade and the 1" (25mm) stainless steel Integra operates to depths of 250ft. (80m).

Solinst Integra Low Flow Bladder Pump Model 407

High Quality Samples: - Consistently accurate samples with excellent VOC sample integrity.

Simplicity:- The controller, air compressor and flow-through cell can be easily transported by one person to any site. Hookup to the pump is by quick-connect fittings. Low purge volumes ensure rapid sampling.

Cost Savings:- Reduced need for repeat sampling and shorter time required for each sampling round.

Bladder Life:- Guaranteed for 10 years
The Solinst Integra Bladder Pump can be regulated to provide continuous output to 100 ml/min. or less, using the Solinst Model #466 Electronic Pump Control Unit. Low flow sampling offers excellent quality samples by reducing turbulence. It also reduces purge volumes, and thus sampling time and disposal costs.

A Flow-Through Cell System allows the analysis of purge water, in-line, as it flows, so that sampling can begin as soon as the readings stabilise. This improves sample quality, minimises purge water and reduces disposal costs. Packers are also available to further reduce purge volumes and disposal costs, and to speed sampling times.


Stainless Steel or Low Cost PVC in 1.66"OD (42mm) or 1"OD (25mm) in stainless steel.

Non-Vertical Applications: - operates effectively at almost any angle and can be placed under landfills, tailings, storage tanks or contaminant plumes.

Zero-Submergence Capability: - allows sampling from low-yield wells and complete emptying of well.

Leachate/Product Pumping: - pneumatic drive pumps are well suited for pumping contaminant liquids. Strong solvents and corrosive chemicals are easily and economically pumped.

Survives Dry Pumping, Dirty Air and Sand: - and the filter prevents problems with high solids content fluids.

Ordering Information:

108207 Model 407 Integra® Bladder Pump 1" x 2ft. SS (1/4" & 1/4") w/safety line attachment
106138 Model 407 Integra® Bladder Pump 1.66" x 2ft. SS (3/8"S & 1/4"D)
103868 Model 407 Integra® Bladder Pump 1.66" x 2ft. PVC (3/8"S & 1/4"D)

Control Units come with Drive and Supply Lines
104282 Electronic 466 Control Unit (160 psi)
106180 Electronic 466 Control Unit (250 psi)

106009 Low Flow 407 12V Compressor (c/w battery clips)