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Wilden US 025 Teflon Sample Pump

The UNITECTM series includes a complete line of versatile pumps made for nearly any process and waste application. With their machined sealing surfaces and superior product containment, the UNITECTM pumps will exceed your expectations about how an air-operated double-diaphragm pump should perform. Put the latest Wilden technology to the test. By adding new materials to Wilden's already extensive line of products, the Teflon® PTFE and polyethylene pumps in the UNITECTM series extend the application limits where an AODD pump can be used. The conductive plastic pumps in the UNITECTM series are designed to safely discharge static electricity when hazardous static build-up is present in a process system. The pump's ability to safely discharge this static electricity also meets the ATEX 100 directive standards for Europe.

US.025 Teflon Sample Pump meets ATEX 100 Directive

Wilden is proud to announce the release of the Unitec series of plastic pumps. This product line extension adds to the Wilden family a complete line of Teflon® PTFE, conductive Teflon® PTFE, polyethylene (PE), and conductive polyethylene (PE) pumps.

The Unitec Series also includes a full range of polyethylene high-pressure pumps capable of discharge pressures up to 16 bar (230 psig). The US 025 pumps employ the new Uni-Flo air distribution system. The lube-free Uni-Flo air distribution system, with mechanically actuated shifting mechanism, offers reliable operation worthy of the Wilden name.

The US conductive plastic pumps are manufactured with wetted parts of conductive Teflon® PTFE.

Height - with strainer 193 mm
Height - without strainer 150 mm
Diameter - 78 mm

Ship Weight - Teflon PTFE 1.2 kg

Air Inlet - 3 mm
Inlet - 13 mm
Discharge - 6 mm

Suction Lift - 3.0 m Dry (9.8’); 9.0 m Wet (29.5’)

Max. Flow Rate - 4.2 lpm
Max. Size Solids - 1.0 mm

CAUTION: Do not exceed 7 bar (100 psig) air supply pressure

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US.025 Teflon Sample Pump