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Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil- DISCONTINUED

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The RemediAid™ Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Test Kit is a rapid, simple field test for measuring aromatic petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in soil. The patented test is based upon the Friedel-Crafts Reaction with one fundamental difference—the intermediate that is formed in the solvent is the coloured species that is measured.

This item has been discontinued

Detection of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil can indicate contamination from leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), petroleum refineries, or other fuel sources.

RemediAid allows the user to analyse for specific fractions, including: BTEX, PAH, diesel fuel, leaded and unleaded gasoline, weathered gasoline, brent crude, and lubricating oil.

In the test method, a pre-measured sample of soil is added to a reaction tube that contains anhydrous sodium sulfate, a drying agent. A pre-measured volume of dichloromethane is then added to the reaction tube. This organic solvent extracts the petroleum hydrocarbons from the soil sample. In order to remove polar hydrocarbons and color interferences, the soil extract is treated with Florisil. Finally, a vacuum-sealed ampoule, containing aluminum chloride, draws in a predetermined volume of the hydrocarbon-containing solvent. The hydrocarbons in the solvent react with the aluminum chloride to produce a soluble colored product directly proportional to the petroleum hydrocarbon concentration in the sample. The absorbance of the sample is measured in a portable, battery-powered, LED-based colorimeter and converted to mg/kg hydrocarbon in the soil by use of a formula.

Unleaded Gasoline: 40-370 mg/kg
Weathered Gasoline: 40-360 mg/kg
Diesel: 60-880 mg/kg
Brent Crude: 60-770 mg/kg
Lube Oil: 160-2160 mg/kg
BTEX: 20-150 mg/kg
Leaded Gasoline: 40-470 mg/kg
PAH (18 component mixture): 8-70 mg/kg
Method: Friedel Crafts

Ordering Information:
I-9312 Remedaid (TPH) Starter kit comes in a plastic case and contains TPH Photometer pocket scale, 3-channel timer, TPH reaction tube plug/snapper, tip-breaking tool, 4AAA batteries, screwdriver, and instruction booklet (starter kit does not include tests.
R-9310 TPH Refill, 16 ampoule sets

Kit comes in a plastic case and contains everything needed to perform 8 tests: eight ampoule sets, TPH photometer, tip breaking tool, pocket scale, 3-channel timer, TPH reaction tube plug/snapper, spatula (8 ea), 80 g bottle of sodium sulfate, reagent blank ampoule, ampoule rack, 2 AA batteries, instruction booklet, instruction card, and MSDS

Kit Components common to TPH
A-0079 Tip Breaking Tool (1 ea)
A-0156 Scale, Pocket (1 ea)
A-0157 Timer, 3-Channel ( 1 ea)
A-0158 Ampoule Rack, holds 36 (1 ea)
A-0160 Spatula Pack (50 ea)
A-0161 Reagent Blank Ampoule Pack (2 ea)
A-01622 Sodium Sulfate, 80 g bottle
A-0168 TPH Reaction Tube Plug/Snapper (1 ea)
A-9310 TPH Photometer (1 ea)

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