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Precise Extraction Control Wellhead

The PC 1000FX Precise Control Wellhead is a key element in modern landfill gas (LFG) collection systems. Created to assist in the control of landfill gas for regulatory and energy production requirements, the PC 1000FX is a quality intensive, cost-effective alternative to field fabricated wellheads. The primary function of the PC 1000FX is to control landfill gas that is extracted or vented from landfill gas wells. The PC 1000FX also aids in the required data collection for well control and monitoring. Numerous sizes and models are available for vertical well connections, horizontal well connections, and retrofit applications for both above and below ground systems. With the PC 1000FX we've combined accuracy and reliability with low life-cycle costs to produce the perfect choice for any landfill.

PC 1000FX Precise Control Wellhead Landfill Gas (LFG) Collection Point

* PCFX Orifice Plate Flow Meter
* Design prevents plugging
* Wide flow range capability
* Accurate even at low flow rates
* High Impact PVC flow control valve or HDPE Ball Valve
* Rugged SCH 80 PVC or HDPE construction
* Built-in stainless steel temperature probe
* Quick disconnect fittings on all ports

* Reduces life cycle cost of ownership
* Provides superior flow meter accuracy and reliability
* Uses durable materials to guard against harsh landfill conditions
* Maximises system efficiency
* Maintenance free

Superior Design and Performance

The PC 1000FX provides uninterrupted, maintenance-free operation. It is constructed of rugged SCH 80 PVC or HDPE and uses a High Impact PVC flow control valve or HDPE Ball Valve to throttle the LFG flow, as well as quick disconnect fittings on all monitoring ports. In addition, the PC 1000FX uses a unique sliding compression fitting between the wellhead and the well casing, producing a leak-proof seal while allowing easy adjustment of the wellhead elevation (optional).

The PC 1000FX is available for all flow ranges, and will provide the most accurate and reliable flow control and metering for your LFG application.

PCFX Flow Meter

Specifically designed for the landfill gas industry, the PCFX Flow Meter provides accurate flow metering with no maintenance. The PCFX offers unitised PVC or HDPE construction, integrating the orifice plate into a unique coupling containing the metering taps. This one-piece construction eliminates any moving parts and prevents plugging by placing the metering taps outside the inside diameter of the pipe where particulates and moisture migration are minimised. Additionally, the orifice bore is configured to prevent damming of fluid within the unit and to minimise head loss.

Due to its design and its reliable, +2% accuracy at full scale, the PCFX provides the PC 1000FX with the best accuracy, the best flow range, and the most reliable flow meter available for landfill gas applications.

Optional Equipment
* Remote sensing port kits
* Ultra FlexTM flexible connectors and hoses
* FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) vaults with RPM (reinforced plastic mortar) lids rated for 10,000 or 20,000 lbs. loading capacity
* Computerised data collection and logging equipment
* Built in flow instrumentation
* Sliding compression fitting allows for wellhead elevation adjustment (optional)


Flow Meter: PCFX flow meter custom calibrated and configured for the specific application. Includes corner tap configuration, eccentric bore, and 0.25 NPT quick disconnect fittings on each pressure port, constructed with recommended upstream and downstream pipe runs, 10 times diameter and 3 times diameter respectively. PVC model uses a threaded adapter for easy removal.

PVC - The flow control valve is manufactured of SCH 80 PVC
2" and 3" are gate valves 4" and larger are wafer style butterfly valves.

HDPE model Butt-Fused Flow Control Valve

HDPE-Flow control valve is a HDPE Bull Valve Butt-Fused in-line Temperature Probe
Range: 0-200F
Material: stainless steel
Connection Type: 0.25 NPT
Sampling Ports: 0.25" NPT quick disconnect fittings
Pipe and Fittings: PVC-SCH 80HDPE-SDR 9
Optional Sliding Compression Fitting: Sliding compression adapter rated for 150 psi at 70 F with flange or coupling for connection to well casing.

Custom configurations and applications available.