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H-336 Linear Cable Extension Transducer, Product Discontinued

The H-336 is a SDI-12 digital linear cable extension position transducer which measures distances by monitoring the amount of cable extended from the transducer. The H-336 is easy to use and works with any SDI-12 data logger.

WaterLOG H-336 Linear Cable Extension SDI 12 Transducer

A Cable-Extension Transducer, sometimes also known as a string pot, a draw wire sensor, a string encoder or a yo yo pot, is a device used to detect and measure linear position and velocity using a flexible cable and a spring-loaded spool.

Simply mount the transducer's body to a fixed surface and attach the stainless steel cable to the movable object. As the object moves, the transducer produces an electrical signal that is proportional to the cable's linear extension or velocity. The H-336 then outputs this signal in a SDI-12 format.

Measuring the movement and position of objects is easy with CETs.

CETs can be installed in minutes, fitted into precarious or tight areas and they do not require perfectly parallel alignment. They also offer great flexibility, a small size to measurement ratio, and they cost less than rod or wand-type measurement devices.

CETs can be used in a wide variety of applications including measuring the position of slide and canal gates, industrial factory automation, high-tech medical devices, structural and automotive testing, die-casting or injection moulding, hydraulic cylinder control, etc.